EBA Fellowships

The EBA Fellowships are prestigious awards for students and are run on a competitive basis. Students who are granted the scholarships will receive 84,000 baht (eighty four thousand baht) per regular semester and 42,000 baht (forty two thousand baht) for summer session, throughout the study. Two rounds of Fellowship are available for each batch of students. In the first round, students can apply at the time of first enrollment to EBA program. The second round is opened after the first year of study. Up to 10 EBA Fellowships are granted each batch.

To be eligible for the EBA Fellowships, applicants must have no record of misconduct, and a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.50 (on a 4.0 scale) or its equivalent. Students who are awarded the scholarships will have to meet certain conditions upon studying in the program.

EBA Assistantships

Students who have already studied in the EBA program for at least one academic year are entitled to enroll for another program's financial assistance, often referred as Assistantships. The EBA Assistantships are open to students with no record of misconduct. Those interested students are advised to contact the EBA office to receive further information on the EBA Assistantships.