Undergraduate Journal

Each year the EBA selects a few completed senior research papers that are of high quality and offer interesting insight into the issues being analyzed. These papers will then be published in the undergraduate online journal. Please follow the link Outstanding Senior Research Papers


AY 2019

Name Topic
Mr. Chonlathit Yangwiwat     Spatial Competition and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Retail businesses in Bangkok
Mr. Rachata Tangnararatchakit      The Mechanism of Social Capital in P2P Lending
Miss Sarocha Sirivivatnanon    Sharing Economy and Income Inequality of Platform Participants in Thailand: A Case Study of Grab, Bangkok
Miss Chanyanit Hanthongkam The predictability of Stock Exchange of Thailand index using text mining on news articles


AY 2018

Name Topic
Miss Worralak Pakampai      Students’ Self-Efficacy and English Performance
Mr. Wasitphon Asawakowitkorn      Testing Asset Pricing Models: Evidence from Thailand
Mr. Sakpetch Pornpratarnsuk     Cognitive Ability, Anchoring Bias, and Market Efficiency
Miss Supicha Lerskiatiphanich The effect of tax and subsidy on plastic uses in Thailand


AY 2017

Name Topic
Mr. Julawat Paoin      Forecasting private consumption and investment using financial data and mixed-data sampling (MIDAS) models
Mr. Natthaset Acharawaranon      The Use of Loan Loss Provision as Income and Capital Management and Signaling: The case study of Thailand
Miss Temfah Krisanayuth      Wealth, Inequality and Rent-Seeking Dynamics of Economic Growth and Governance in Thailand
Miss Thanchanok Chaykamhang Measuring System Risk in the Global Equity Markets
(Awarded First prize of the BOT's SETHATAT Awards 2017)
Mr. Peravuti Puangoen      Behavioral Portfolio Analysis: Evidence from the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Miss Sirirut Sonjai      Measuring Economic Impact of Political Protest by Using The Global Database of Events Languages and Tone (GDELT)
Miss Sunatda Thumvaranon      The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Wage Premium: Case Study on Thailand's 10S-Curve Industries
Miss Pimpatchara Burapongbandhit      The Impact of Perceived Risk and Perceived Benefits on Adoption and Interbank Transactions of Prompt Pay Mobile Banking in Bangkok


AY 2016

Name Topic
Mr. Kitin Pakdeesana Exchange Rate-Based VS Conventional Taylor Rule: A comparison under DSGE model for Thailand
Miss Chanipun Chatrungrueangchai Demographic and Economic Factors Affecting Adults' Perceptions Toward the Elderly in Thailand
Miss Thanyarat Koomkanab Education Attainment of Rubber Plantation and Future Prospects of the Rubber Cultivation: A case study of Rubber Farmers in Nakornsrithammarat, Thailand
Miss Tanyalak Srisirisup Education-job mismatch among differently motivated individuals: A case study of senior undergraduate students
Miss Wantiwa Mannaitham The Role of middle class on Democratization


AY 2015

Name Topic
Miss Najakorn Khajonchotpanya A Sectorial Analysis of Moments in the SET: Forecasting Returns with Volatility and Skewness
Mr. Norraset Meesuwan Stock return predictability with financial ratios: A panel data analysis in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)


AY 2014

Name Topic
Mr. Kanin Peerawattanachart Administered Prices and Inflation Targeting in Thailand
(Awarded Second Runner-up prize of the BOT's SETHATAT awards 2015)
Miss Tarathip Tangkanjanapas Equity Market Condition and Monetary Policy Stance in a Markov-switching Model
(Awarded Consolation prize of the BOT's SETHATAT awards 2015)
Mr. Napat Jariyaworakul Does increasing the policy rate help to prevent currency crises?
Miss Sasimon Wanakawinkomut Effects of Universal Health Coverage and Health Measures on Eonomic Growth
The Case of ASEAN Countries
Mr. Siraphat Boonyapan Was Fixed Internet a Substitute or a Complement To Mobile Internet Between 2010-2012? - Consumer Insight


AY 2013

Name Topic
Miss Gayvaleen Kijkul Political Instability and Thailand's Economic Growth
Miss Nicha Srimaneerungroj Predicting Debt Crises: A Case Study of Thailand
Miss Ninart Sillavatkul LPG Policy Analysis On Social Welfare in Automotive Sector
Miss Nirin Sriurairuttana Healthcase System Comparison: A Case of Switzerland and Thailand
Miss Rattanakorn Nitkitsomboon Socio-demographic Characteristics and The Preference of Bangkok's Condominium Location
Miss Apinya Eravadeekul The Household At Risk In Thailand: The Quantile Regression Analysis Over Average Propensity To Consume And Debt Servicing Burden
(Awarded First prize of the BOT's SETHATAT awards 2014)