Research Methods and Senior Research

The EBA believe that research methods and senior research paper provide essential training before graduation. They strengthen students’ knowledge of the field they are interested in and also help develop general ability and understanding of how to create new knowledge. They thus help achieve most learning outcomes in term of knowledge and skills. In addition, they also help to promote life-long inquisitiveness for new knowledge.

The EBA program supports, promotes and encourages research among students and faculty members. Students’ senior research projects are closely monitored and critically assessed by advisors, guaranteeing high-quality research outputs, many of which have been awarded by public and private institutions for its academic excellence.

Each year the EBA selects a few completed senior research papers that are of high quality and offer interesting insight into the issues being analyzed. These papers will then be published in the undergraduate online journal.

  • Senior Research Advisor (Update 3 July 2024)
  • Senior Research Report Form (Update 9 Aug 2022)
  • Senior Research Timetable Fall Semester AY 2023