Internship Program

Designed to supplement and enrich the undergraduate education, the internship program gives EBA students the opportunity to do an internship with a private or public organization. An internship enables students to relate their academic study to the workplace and to benefit from the expertise of a specific organization. The experience helps students to clarify educational and career goals, to acquire skills and knowledge specific to the chosen field, as well as to gain an insight into the work culture of another country. The benefits of internship placements to employers are no less: they can seek out excellent candidates and use the occasion to attract highly qualified employees. The students will be familiar with the organization and the employer has had the opportunity to evaluate the students' work, habits and productivity.


Eligible students must have

  • a letter of acceptance from the employer
  • a work permit if they are non-Thai nationals.

Internship Request form

Students who would like to do an internship can apply for leave of absence here . Once approval has been obtained from the EBA, students must submit a CR49 form to the Office of the Registrar.

Finding internship opportunities

Please visit International Affairs website.