Economics is known worldwide as a premium pre-business program. Although professional economics often work as government advisors to direct the direction of the country, and in the planning and strategy departments of major companies, the majority of students who study economics will go into business.

Economics is preferred as a premium pre-business program by business schools worldwide because it focuses on the more difficult and rigorous local decision making that businesses need to make. Although included in the curriculum, much of the softer presentation and management skills are left for later, while local and mathematical skills are emphasized, leading to an excellent preparation for leaders, financial experts and strategists of the world’s top companies.

EBA is the English language program in the premier Faculty of Economics in Thailand. Many of the business and national leaders are graduates of Chulalongkorn.A student studying at EBA has great opportunities to move into the business and political leadership of the country. EBA focuses on general skills that will benefit a student no matter what choice of career she or he makes in the future. It is preparation for life. ​​​​​​


The EBA program has a strong reputation for providing high quality teaching in the economics field and is popular with students.  Our curriculum combines a strong grounding in economic theory and quantitative methods with practical applications of economic principles to today’s problems. Every course is up to date and relevant.

The program’s teaching methods consist of formal lectures, discussion classes and small seminars, allowing for close attention to each student. The EBA teaching staff consists of economists and experts in the field with long experience in teaching, research and practice in economics. Many international scholars and well-known Economists are invited to teach classes and seminars at the program.  Learning facilities such as computing for undergraduates are currently being enhanced to allow access without boundaries.

The EBA is an international program, accepting students from all over the world, so that ideas and experiences will be shared among students from different countries and regions. There are a large number of regular visiting Professors from leading international universities.  All students in good standing attend an International Educational Trip overseas to expand knowledge outside classroom.

Scholarships are available for exceptional students, and for some students who help with activities.

    EBA students can choose from a variety of different professions and types of company. An EBA student’s abilities in English and analytical thinking opens the door to many career options.

Type of Organizations


    Economics, with its emphasis on logic and finance, means that jobs in consulting and finance are the most chosen professions by EBA students. However, the skills taught in EBA are useful in many kinds of businesses in Thailand and abroad.