About EBA

The EBA program received its charter from Chulalongkorn University Council on the February 28th, 2002. EBA is the English language version program of the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, which is currently ranked first in Thailand and top 201-250 in the world by QS World University Ranking in economics.  Classes started on August 4th, 2002 with 45 students in the program. We now have approximately 520 full-time students. Furthermore, EBA is increasing the number of its partner institutions in every corner of the world. Our exchange number of incoming and outgoing students has been raised to promote an international atmosphere in the program.


First Internationally Certified Economics Program in Thailand

Established in the year 2002, the EBA program is Thailand’s leading and most cutting-edge program in the field of economics. With the vision to be “an internationally competitive program aimed at creating economists who are highly competent to contribute to society, with ethical and social responsibility”, its main objective is to produce outstanding undergraduates, well-equipped with academic expertise in economics, and also with global knowledge and experiences, upon which their brightest future careers can be built. To fulfill its vision, the EBA program pursues the following mission:

  • To equip students with well-rounded and in-depth knowledge that meets international standards of excellence;
  • To emphasize the development of core competences for life-long learning, such as skills and personal attitudes, and consider it an integral part of high-quality undergraduate education in economics;
  • To enhance students’ understanding of ethics, social awareness and social responsibility, and develop future generations of engaged and responsible citizens and leaders of the country and the world.

The EBA program’s up-to-date curriculum focuses on private sector economics, a field which caters to students’ general interests and career objectives. Multilateral and bilateral exchange agreements with several leading institutions in the European Union and in Asia have provided great opportunities for EBA students to study abroad for one or two semesters.

The EBA program has successfully pursued its mission and vision and it was awarded the AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance) certification on July 24, 2015 for the period July 24, 2015.

The EBA program is not only the first AUN-QA certified undergraduate program at Chulalongkorn University, but also the first international undergraduate economics program in the entire country. The AUN-QA certification signifies that the EBA program adheres to international academic standards.

Messages from Professors

Professor Edward Tower, Duke University

I was brought to the EBA program by a brilliant MA student at Duke, my home university. She had graduated from EBA. Now I see her quoted in the Bangkok Post on currency issues. When I arrived at EBA I asked the dean what he wanted me to accomplish. He said “Train students so they can pursue MA degrees abroad.” A joy sweeps over me every time a former Chula student shows off on Facebook a newly acquired diploma from a university in China, Japan, England, Scotland or Spain, or emails me a freshly written MA theses, or asks me for letters of recommendation to pursue a Ph.D. I teach the same course at EBA that I have developed at Duke. It is designed to guide students to make wise financial decisions and prepare them for careers in finance. The EBA is a warm and vibrant community and I treasure the opportunity to learn and teach here.

Professor Steven Rosefielde, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Martin Heidegger stresses of the philosophical importance of being in the world. For EBA students this means having a first-hand opportunity to test their beliefs about the west through direct dialogue with senior American, European and Australian professors. The experience not only allows them to achieve a clearer understanding of global realities, but prepares them to navigate effectively in the new planetary community. Most EBA students avail themselves of this unique Chula opportunity and profit. The sharing is rewarding for all concerned.


Assistant Professor Nopphol Witvaraong, Chulalongkorn University

The EBA program has never ceased to surprise me. Its constantly updated curriculum--one that neatly marries Economics with other disciplines, such as Finance and Entrepreneurship Development--is aimed at preparing students for the 21st century labor market. I have enjoyed teaching EBA students and have, more importantly, enjoyed learning about their post-graduation success.

Messages from Alumni